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[Rewritten] The Life Of Crime: Half Chapter #1.5.
Dark brown eyes scanned the papers that sat on a desk in front of a respected detective. He was currently sitting in his office with his eyebrows furrowed in frustration, only looking up from his papers as his apprentice walked in. “Sorry to disturb you, but Miss Johanna is wondering if you’ve made any progress at all today. She’s starting to get concerned about you… Well, uh… We’re all concerned. We know you can solve this, but we haven’t ever seen you this stressed out about a case."
Leaning back in his chair, the detective sighed and his lips curled down into a frown. “I’m having issues with it, that’s for sure. I’ve never been stumped like this before and it’s really killing me. I’ll figure it out eventually. Could you get me some coffee and also send Johanna in?” The detective ran his fingers through his dark brown hair with slight annoyance etched across his face. This day was not going well.
:iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 0 1
[Rewritten] The Life Of Crime: Chapter #1.
The sun shone brightly above a beautiful place called Dabrul City. The birds were singing joyfully and the scent of flowers was blown about by a gentle breeze. People on the streets were rushing around while talking on phones, walking dogs, and there were even some people scolding their child for almost running into the road. The nice day wasn’t noticed by two people who were driving to their new home. “I hope you know that we could’ve gotten a better house than the one you chose,” a girl with brunette hair grumbled from the passenger seat. “I’m aware of that, Rainy. However, I didn’t even choose the house. My acquaintance chose it since it seemed like a house that wouldn’t attract any suspicion to us. Don’t start nagging me about it,” the driver sighed. Rainy gave the driver an annoyed glare. “Dan. have you seen the place!? It’s a complete dump!” She snapped.
Dan didn’t give her an answer. Some of his
:iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 0 0
[Rewritten] The Life Of Crime: Prologue.
One year ago...
“Hey, you two! Stop right where you are!” A blonde haired man with brown eyes yelled, chasing after two figures with his gun ready to fire. The two people immediately sped up and ran into separate alleyways. The detective quickly ran after the smaller figure who could probably be taken down easier. He stopped in his tracks as he reached a dead end, the smaller figure nowhere in sight. A slight breeze made the detective whip around to see the two figures standing there. His only way out was trapped, and even if these two were unarmed, they had something planned. “You two are under arrest for murder and robbery,” the detective aimed his gun at them with a sharp growl. The two figures looked at each other then looked back at the detective. Their multicolored eyes glowed brightly and sent chills down the man’s spine. “No, I don’t think we are,” a male voice spoke then a dark chuckle escaped from him. The detective yelpe
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Pixel Redo by ShinyAvila Pixel Redo :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 5 5 Mama by ShinyAvila Mama :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 2 0 [Approved] Cynthia by ShinyAvila [Approved] Cynthia :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 11 5 Krystalite Pixel [Prize for DarkleyChaos] by ShinyAvila Krystalite Pixel [Prize for DarkleyChaos] :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 4 7 Please have mercy on my soul by ShinyAvila Please have mercy on my soul :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 2 9 Flower Of Darkness by ShinyAvila Flower Of Darkness :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 6 13 Glowing Bright by ShinyAvila Glowing Bright :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 7 8 Purple Shade by ShinyAvila Purple Shade :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 7 4 I love my sweater by ShinyAvila I love my sweater :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 7 7 I love you so much by ShinyAvila I love you so much :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 2 2 Yeah, I am gorgeous. by ShinyAvila Yeah, I am gorgeous. :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 7 8 You're lucky I like the attention... by ShinyAvila You're lucky I like the attention... :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 7 0 This is mine, not yours by ShinyAvila This is mine, not yours :iconshinyavila:ShinyAvila 2 0


The Recruit- pg 211 by ArualMeow The Recruit- pg 211 :iconarualmeow:ArualMeow 245 84 E.O.A.R - Page 158 by PaintedSerenity E.O.A.R - Page 158 :iconpaintedserenity:PaintedSerenity 778 221 I literally have nothing else to upload.. by PaintedSerenity I literally have nothing else to upload.. :iconpaintedserenity:PaintedSerenity 675 61 Meh by BlueWarrior-Cats Meh :iconbluewarrior-cats:BlueWarrior-Cats 4 5 The Bug Caller by BlueWarrior-Cats The Bug Caller :iconbluewarrior-cats:BlueWarrior-Cats 5 7 out of my league by purranah out of my league :iconpurranah:purranah 11 0 a cat feeds his pupper gf ice cream!! by purranah a cat feeds his pupper gf ice cream!! :iconpurranah:purranah 11 0 Ouch by xBlueMoon
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Kanto - Growlithe by ArtKitt-Creations Kanto - Growlithe :iconartkitt-creations:ArtKitt-Creations 172 17 TD: Fumi-LEX by TornTethers TD: Fumi-LEX :icontorntethers:TornTethers 248 9 TD: VCR-Wolfe by TornTethers TD: VCR-Wolfe :icontorntethers:TornTethers 178 10 Hour Of Destruction by sandara Hour Of Destruction :iconsandara:sandara 4,133 162 How Disappointing by LordStarsCreamy How Disappointing :iconlordstarscreamy:LordStarsCreamy 17 6 Stary Night Cat custom by Abrianna-Adopts Stary Night Cat custom :iconabrianna-adopts:Abrianna-Adopts 2 1 Aesthetic Adopt by OMGLola913 Aesthetic Adopt :iconomglola913:OMGLola913 4 4 Commission: Pokerelax by All0412 Commission: Pokerelax :iconall0412:All0412 98 7

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United States
Hi there! I'm ShinyAvila. You can either call me Shine, Shiny, Avila, and I'll even respond to Cricket. You could call me Olivia, but I'd prefer Avila. I currently have two dogs, a cat, and three horses. I enjoy drawing or writing stories in my free time, or just when I get the motivation. I love playing games, and I make really crappy videos on youtube as well (My channel)... Eheh. Feel free to talk to me, I'll listen! <3

(Made by :iconstarrysstudio:!)

Rest in peace, Mr. Beasley. My dear Yorkshire Terrier. I will never forget you.


Some of my awesome friends (there isn't an order here seriously) here on DA that you need to check out~!

My favorite little bum of all time and mah best friend + treasure

The first DA friend o:

The friend who I got to watch improve ;w; (and is still improving!!)

Really helpful friend

The really cool friend

Friend who I started drawing because of

Very talented friend who's good at roleplaying

Dragon friend

Friend with a really cool style

Mentor friend who's really cool and fun pffffff

The first roleplaying friend

Friend who can draw a m a z i n g l y cute stuff

idk friend



My favorite artist c:



My inspirations/idols o-o

:iconmischievousraven: :iconvyrosk: :icontamberella: :iconvexfox: :iconflashw: :iconpaintedserenity: :iconalaxendra: :icontaliy4h: :iconjojoesart: :iconpixiecold: :iconfoxlett: :iconsleepykinq: :iconga-lem-tido: :iconicecanine: :iconemeara:



Current icon made by :icondarkleychaos:

All of my icons:



My wonderful characters:

I'm not looking to trade or sell any of them, so please do not ask. I want to be able to draw all of them when I have time/motivation and I love them all <3


`-~-`I got this from AddieMins heheh`-~-`

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=+=To Do List=+=

currently free from the chains of owed art


If I submit anything besides what is on that list (unless it says I'm free or something), EVERYONE YELL AT ME OR I WON'T GET IT DONE.

=+= =+=

~-~-~-~Stamps and stuff~-~-~-~-~

Purrloin Stamp by Kevfin Arcanine Stamp by NoNamepje Umbreon stamp by Dametora Dark Pokemon stamp by DryBones157 Afraid of the Dark Types? by The-Emerald-Otter Dodrio stamp by Jontukka #198 Murkrow by Otto-V lugia stamp by Inguac Houndoom by Cathines-Stamps Latias Stamp by Kevfin Absol Stamp by Deruuyo STAMP: Palkia Fan by Graphrite #405 Luxray by Otto-V #497 Serperior by Otto-V Suicune Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Rayquaza by Marlenesstamps Darkrai by Marlenesstamps Eeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter Eevee's Stamp by Szkot-aye Pokemon Y stamp by ingart15 Soul Silver Stamp by Riiarei Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan Pokemon Stamp by Jakec-94 I love Pokemon Stamp by shadowhatesomochao Pokemon Stamp by Magegirl-Nino Mewsic by HisMissDolly forget about the llamas.. by HisMissDolly Absol Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Meowth Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Bayleef by HisMissDolly


Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud Bluestar Stamp by VampsStock Spottedleaf Stamp by VampsStock Scourge Stamp by VampsStock Jayfeather Stamp by VampsStock Lionblaze Stamp by VampsStock Dovewing Stamp by VampsStock Ivypool Stamp by VampsStock Firestar Stamp by VampsStock Cloudtail Stamp by VampsStock Cinderpelt Stamp by VampsStock Yellowfang Stamp by VampsStock Crookedstar Stamp by VampsStock Brightheart Stamp by VampsStock Sol Stamp by VampsStock ThunderClan Stamp by VampsStock ShadowClan Stamp by VampsStock WindClan Stamp by VampsStock RiverClan Stamp by VampsStock


Danisnotonfire IV by JustYoungHeroes AmazingPhil I by JustYoungHeroes Danisnotonfire Stamp 1 by Luvise AmazingPhil Stamp 1 by Luvise Pastel danisnotonfire Stamp by PurryProductions-Inc Pastel AmazingPhil Stamp by PurryProductions-Inc Danisnotonfire Stamp 2 by Luvise Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil Stamp by Coco2204 PHIL LESTER, YOU'RE A GENIUS! by JustYoungHeroes Markiplier: King of the... Ow! by Oreleth Markiplier: WUUUUUUUNNNNHHHHH OKAY! by Oreleth Markiplier: Clothespin Challenge Stamp by Oreleth I Support Markiplier Stamp by Oreleth Mark's Smile Stamp by RedRavie Markiplier: Blizzcon by Oreleth JSE Fan Stamp by RedRavie I Support Jacksepticeye Stamp by Oreleth ||BTS JUNGKOOK STAMP|| by KohaYo Stamp Jungkook by Akuma-no-Hoshi


RP Stamp by vidramidra Shadow Stamp by RecklessKaiser Stamp by Kataang-furuba I love Dragons STAMP by Saarl Computer Stamp by ShadowDragon22 wolf stamp by war-armor I love Snow Leopards by WishmasterAlchemist Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX Dark and Cute Stamp by bezzalair Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221 I Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-Flyer Stamp: Squidward by AMX-269 Criticism - Stamp by JWiesner Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness Cat Love Stamp by cloudrat Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Baking Stamp by bandit4edu Indoor cat = safer cat by AzureHowlShilach Stamp: Ceiling by Roxy317 Look funny by Claire-stamps Groucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stamps Anti-Crush Stamp by Treetail No one is better by Clelius I'm Awake | Stamp by PuniPlush


Art trades status: Ask me


Requests status: (Halfway open, not guaranteed)


Commission status: (Closed)


That's all folks by AdrianaFilip



clearing the majority of my watch list, I think I'll be more active soon ;D
...I'm slowly losing my interest in this website...
well... I got a mystery adopt from someone and they deactivated before giving me the design. Great.

I hope they're okay?? but like I'm bugged by this
I'm gonna make myself a second fursona soon c;

I still love Alphonese but I need a design I can change as I change over time and I'm too attached to Alphonese to do that so ye

plus. It's going to be a cat. Almost everyone I know says I act like a cat so.... yep. repARE yOURselF
finally got my tablet down from the attic, now I have to get used to using it instead of my mouse

as soon as my summer break comes I'm gonna be insanely active pfffff be prepared
crapppppp there's thunder today ;^;
I have 665 points and it's driving me insane
oh my god the STUPID thing happened again where I commented first asking for an adopt and it sold to someone else.

I know I shouldn't angry about it but it really gets on my nerves
oh God I think I just swallowed a small piece of chicken bone oh no oml I'm freaking out
see if you can catch the 666th view of this

Dan and Rainy: Vampires by ShinyAvila

take a screenshot and show me and I'll give you some type of prize lol


:iconfanface: :iconboxcolor: :iconfancyatrist: :iconthe-overcor: :iconmaskedfennecfox: :icondarkleychaos: :iconjacobthedragon: :iconq8q: :iconaddiemins: :iconkomodo-dragoness: :icontikeyy: :iconxbluemoon:


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How are you??
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